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Because there are about 300 sku of Herb Basics products, we categorize them into our Theme:

1. Herbal Skin Care: Find Herbal Soap, Herbal Cream, Body Scrub and body Masque.
2. Essential oil and Base oil.
3. Thai Flower Collections: Find Shower Gel, Body Cream, Body oil, Flower Water, Mini Soap. There are products for the room with Thai Flower scent under this category such as Incense Cone, Incense Sticks and Fragrant Pillow.
4. House Blend Aroma: Find Massage oil, Body Balm, Soap, Body Moisturizer, Fragrance oil and aroma diffuser.
5. Face & Hair: Find Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair Treatment, Facial Soap and Facial Mask Powder.
6. Thai Herb Massage & Spa oil Collection: Find Spa oil, Spa Balm, Herbal Balm and Poultice.
7. Scent of Chiang Mai Collection: Find Eau de Toilette, Solid Perfume, Foam Bath, Skin Conditioner, Diffuser and Fragrance oil.
8. Fragrance for Rooms: Find Aroma Reed Diffusers and Bamboo Charcoal deodorizer.
9. Favorite Collection: Find Loofah Soap, Body Butter, Body Scent Perfume Roll-on, Bath Salt, Bath oil and incense.
10. Fruity Collection: Fine Lip Balm, Aroma Soap, Hand Cream, Lollipop Soap and Fruity Scent Perfume Roll-on.
11. Herb Basics Signature Products: Find Mosquito Gel, Massage Tools, Loofah Soap and Fancy Soap
12. Gift Set and 13. Special Promotion items.