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Herb Basics Signature Products

Rice Bran Soap Nest

Foot Massager

Mosquitos Gel Roll on

Mosquitoes Gel
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Face Massager

Loofah Soap
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Fancy Soap Bar
Herb Basics’ Signature products are our unique and popular items such as Rice Bran Soap nest, Mosquito repellent gel & roll on, Loofah soap, Fancy soap, Herbal Tea, Face Massager and foot massager.

Herb Basics’ Mosquito repellent gel is Our all time favorite products from our customers proving that the herbs we used in our products effectively protect from mosquitos and other insects.

Herb Basics’ face Massage Roller is used to glide upward to strengthen facial muscles thus giving a facial exercise. Whereas our Foot Massager is used as a pressure point for effective reflexology massage.

Herb Basics’ Rice Bran soap nest, loofah soap are made of glycerin Soap which are made from plant-based oils so it is natural and less likely to irritate your skin. The loofah is inside the soap so it reduces the risk of the loofah becoming contaminated so you can use it enjoyably and safely.