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Hanger Sachet
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Aromatic Room Diffuser Scent of Chiang Mai
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Fragrance Oil

Solid Perfume

Skin Conditoner

Eau de Toilette
Herb Basics' Scent of Chiang Mai Collection is our interpretation of Chiang Mai smell at different time of the day. The collections is composed of skin care products such as foam bath, skin conditioner (rich perfume body moisturizer), Eau de toilette and solid perfume. We also create aroma products for your home using the same smell such as aroma diffuser, fragrance oil, and hanger sachet. Each scent can be describe below:

Morning Scent: The sent is floral, green and aromatic accords for a tantalizing scent that will keep you feeling refreshed and exhilarated for hours after splashing it on your skin. Top notes of sweet mandarin orange, and variety of citrus and green elements introduce the aroma with a powerfully zesty and energetic atmosphere that awakens the senses. Middle notes of lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, and rose, infuse the elixir with a decadent floral bouquet you can't possibly ignore. Finally, base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and white musk complete the fragrance for a seductive, enchanting perfume you'll relish in sharing with everyone around you.

Afternoon Scent: Clean Shower Fresh is a sparkling, uplifting blend of sheer florals, citrus and musk that makes a simply stunning everyday fragrance or layering scent. The opening notes are a brisk, refreshing effusion of bright lemon interfused with sweet-tart mandarin and orange. Warm, ethereal white florals emerge as the citrus notes dry down: lily-of-the-valley, honey, orange blossom and delicate, subtly intoxicating jasmine. Lightest musk and smooth wood notes provide a relaxing, cotton-soft finish.

Evening Scent: exotic blend of floral spices and its distinctive personality. The warm blend of cloves at the top work splendidly with the fruity hint of orange. At the heart are sharper and spicy mix of, ylang-ylang with the sweetness of mango and gardenia. At the bottom are the relatively softer notes of vanilla, and patchouli resulting in an intensely sensual product.

Night Scent: a complex women's fragrance with floral and green notes. Top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, lily, lemon, rose and for a perfect blend of fresh, botanical essences that invigorate the mind. Middle notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and many more florals incorporate a rich, elegant bouquet that's chic and majestic to the senses. Finally, base notes including vetiver, cedar, musk, and vanilla to balance out the scent with their light yet sensual aromas.