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Incense Stick S

Loofah Soap (Leaf shape)

Body Scent
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Bath Salt

Incense cone
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Mini Sachet

Bath Oil
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Body Lotion

Body Butter
Herb Basics’ Favorite collection includes body butter, loofah soap, bath oil, body lotion, bath salt, and body scent perfume roll-on. We also adds products you can use for the room such as mini sachet and incense. The scents in this collection is a all time favorite scent includes lavender, vanilla, rose and green tea.

Lavender is most commonly and is all-time favorite scent. The fragrance of lavender is relaxing so it is believed to promote calmness. It’s also said to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Rose is considered a beautiful fragrance. A pleasant smell of rose is believed to reduce stress and can be used as to calm you down and uplift your spirit at the same time.

The strong and sweet smell of vanilla is often associate with a good time so it is believed to lift your mood and make you feel comfortable.

Green tea is a calming but rejuvenating scent. The use of green tea aroma is often related to enjoyable moment with an herbal and refreshing impression.