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Fragrance for Rooms

Aromatic Room Diffuser (s)

Aromatic Room Diffuser (L)

Natural Room Deodorizer

Aromatic Room Diffuser (s) House blend

Aromatic Room Diffuser (s) SCM
Herb Basics’ Fragrance for Rooms includes many unique products such as Natural Room Deodorizer that is made with bamboo charcoal, and aroma diffusers with many scent collections to be chosen from.

Herb Basics’ Natural Room Deodorizer is made of bamboo charcoal. Comparing to regular charcoal, a bamboo charcoal has much more porous structure which make it perfect as a deodorizer and dehumidifier. The charcoal is an effective deodorizer because it removes odor instead of masking them. Herb Basics Natural Room deodorizer is suitable to be used in a toilet, a shoe cupboard, refrigerator, or any area. We create a nice design so it can also be used a good decoration to your home!

Herb Basics’ aroma diffuser is an alternative to aroma candles so you can add scent to your rooms worried-free. Because it last long time, once open An aroma diffuser will continue to release scent for up to 2-3 weeks period (depends on the size of the room).