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Loofah Soap in Leaf Shape

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Loofah Soap (Leaf shape)
Loofahs or luffas are popular natural exfoliating sponge made from gourd. It helps to lather the soap, effectively exfoliate your skin and stimulating blood circulation during your shower. However, using a stand-alone loofah has some risk because it collects moisture in your bath room and therefore can become harbors for other bacteria on your body. Herb Basics Loofah Soap is the answer for you to cleanse and exfoliate your skin safely. We use clear glycerin soap swhich are made from plant-based oils so it is natural and less likely to irritate your skin. Because the base is from plant, this makes glycerin soap vegan-friendly and a great option for people with sensitive skin. Glycerin can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying. The loofah is inside the soap so it reduces the risk of the loofah becoming contaminated so you can use it enjoyably and safely.
Relax and detoxifying skin.
Use as a body wash and a scrub.
Net weight:
130 g.
Gross weight:
175 g.
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0 Thai Baht