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Mosquitos Gel Roll on is Herb Basics Signature Product

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Mosquitos Gel Roll on
Our all time favorite products from our customers proving that the herbs we used in our products effectively protect from mosquitos and other insects.

Herb Basics’ Mosquito & Insect repellent gel is made with Citronella oil. The oil is considered to be one of the more effective natural insect repellents. The oil also contains compounds like methyl isoeugenol that exert potent antibacterial effects, making citronella useful for treating minor cuts and scrapes or controlling body odor caused by bacteria.
Repel insects and mosquito for up to 3 hours. Also can be used to treat itchiness from the bites.
Apply the gel lightly onto your neck, arms and legss. The gel will help keeping mosquitoes and other insects away for up to 3 hours. Reapply when necessary. The gel can also be used to treat inflamation, or relieve itchiness from mosquitos and other insects bites.
3.8 x 3.8 x 12.5
Net weight:
40 ml.
Gross weight:
150 g.