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find Foot Massager or foot reflexology tool

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Foot Massager
Herb Basics’ Foot massager is a wooden pointer uses as a foot reflexology. You can use the foot massager by yourself to improves circulation, stimulates muscles and reduces tension.

To do the foot massage by yourself. Simply sit in a comfortable chair. Bend your left leg and rest your left foot gently on your right thigh.
Pour some skin lotion or oil into your hand. Rub it gently onto your foot your whole foot including the toes, arch, and heel.
Use the wide side of the foot pointer and knead around the bottom of your foot.
Use the narrow side of the foot pointer to gently press on specific part of your foot such as:

The ridge beneath the toes on the top part of the ball of the foot, which corresponds to the shoulder or neckline.

The ball of the foot, which reflects the chest.
The arch of the foot, which mirrors the digestive organs.

The heel and ankles, which contain reflexes for the reproductive system.

Repeat on the other foot.
A simple massaging tools that help individual to massage themselves/or close ones easily!
Press the smaller ends on a specific area on your feet. Use the wider end to massage in general. Ideal tools for foot reflexology
7.5 x 15 x 2.1
Net weight:
10 g.
Gross weight:
19 g.