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Bath Oil with Lavender Rose Vanilla and Green Tea scent

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Bath Oil
Herb Basics Bath oil is a fragrance oil to add to your hot bath. The benefit of the oil when mixed into water is that it penetrates deeper into the skin and provides rejuvenation. The warmth of the oil aids in improved blood circulation, and hence reduction in fatigue, stiff joints and improved motion in joints. These rich oils help in fighting against bacterial and viral infections and skin diseases. Bathing in oil results in soft and supple skin. This leads to a more radiant skin that retains its freshness for a longer period of time. Herb Basics’ Bath oil has Grapeseed as the base natural. Grapeseed oil is full of vitamin E. Grape seeds oil contain powerful antioxidants that protect and detoxify skin from free radicals and clear clogged pores. It also act as an anti-inflammatory and improve skin’s strength, firmness, and elasticity. Even without a bath, you can apply the Bath oil directly onto skin right after baht, the oil of grapeseed is light and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic (it doesn’t clog pores)!
🛁 soft and supple skin
🛁 protect and detoxify skin from free radicals
🛁 anti-inflammatory
🛁 improve skin’s strength, firmness, and elasticity
Pour 1/4 to a warm bath. Can also be used as a body oil by applying onto skin right after bath.
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