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Hanger Sachet to remove ordor in your closets or drawers

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Hanger Sachet
Herb Basics' Hanger Sachet is a bag filled with aromatic dry tea leaves to keep clothing and other linens smelling fresh. You can use Herb Basics' Hanger sachet in many ways: Stow them in drawers to make clothing and delicates smell lovely. You can also place in a pillowcase as an aid to relaxation before sleeping. Stow in the car as a pleasant alternative to commercial air fresheners. Store one in each piece of empty luggage after a trip to keep suitcases smelling fresh and clean.

There are 4 scents to select from:

Morning Scent: The sent is floral, green and aromatic accords for a tantalizing scent that will keep you feeling sweetly comfortable and refresh.

Afternoon Scent: Clean Shower fresh, sparkling, uplifting blend of sheer florals, citrus and musk that makes a simply stunning everyday fragrance or layering scent.

Evening Scent: exotic blend of floral spices and its distinctive personality gives it a warm and sweet evening sent.

Night Scent: a complex women's fragrance with floral and green notes makes it a balance of the sweet and sensual aromatic scent.
Refresh and deodorized
Remove the plastic bag and hang the sachet in the closet or the desired area.
12.5 x 18 x 0.75 cm.
Net weight:
20 g.
Gross weight:
25 g.
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0 Thai Baht