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Foam Bath in Scent of Chiang Mai

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You may already know the benefit of a bubble or foam bath To relax your mind and brighten your mood. And because you might spend quite sometimes in a baht choosing foam bath that is kind to your skin is very important and Herb Basics Foam Bath does just that Other than a very good relaxing scent, Herb Basics’ Foam Bath helps to remove dead skin and impurities. While the heat of water opens your pores and allows for more effective cleansing it is important to choose a Foam bath that is toxic free. Herb Basics Foam Baht is a sulfates free formula and free paraben so that your detoxifying bubble bath experience that will not strip your skin.
And because the body will be in water for quite sometimes during the bath, it’s important that a foam bath ingredients are nourishing for skin. Herb Basics’ Foam Bath contains Vitamin B5 which is important to keep your skin hydrate so that you skin will remain soft and moisturized. We also had T-tree oil to the Foam Bath ingredients because T-Tree oils is known for antibacterial and keep your skin healthy
🚿 Relax your mind and brighten your mood
🚿 Helps to remove dead skin and impurities
🚿 Soft and moisturized
🚿 Anti-bacterial and keep your skin healthy
Apply Bath Foam to a wet skin and lather gently until foamy. Rinse off with water.
5.7 x 5.7 x 14.7 cm.
Net weight:
100 ml.
Gross weight:
140 g.