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Solid Perfume Scent of Chiang Mai

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Solid Perfume
We all know how hard it can be to make sure you have all products under 100mL when traveling with carry-on. Solid perfume is an answer to your travel restriction!. And because it is made with beeswax, a solid perfume is alcohol-free. You don’t have to wait for the alcohol to dry up when apply. Further, because you can carry it conveniently, you can add a touch up of the perfume any time of the day! Most importantly when you apply on the solid perfume, the balm of solid perfume ends up directly and only where you put it making it a lot longer lasting!

There are 4 scents to select from:

Morning Scent: The sent is floral, green and aromatic accords for a tantalizing scent that will keep you feeling sweetly comfortable and refresh.

Afternoon Scent: Clean Shower fresh, sparkling, uplifting blend of sheer florals, citrus and musk that makes a simply stunning everyday fragrance or layering scent.

Evening Scent: exotic blend of floral spices and its distinctive personality gives it a warm and sweet evening sent.

Night Scent: a complex women’s fragrance with floral and green notes makes it a balance of the sweet and sensual aromatic scent.
Fresh and Relaxing with long lasting scent, easy to carry, can use for anytime.
Apply Herb Baisics Solid Perfume to your pulse points.
6.4cm. x 4.8cm. x 4.8cm. With Box
Net weight:
10 ml.
Gross weight:
90 g.
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0 Thai Baht