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Aromatic Room Diffuser with Thai Flower scent

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Aromatic Room Diffuser (s)
Smaller size diffuser to add constant fragrance to small room or on working table without the use of heat or flame. Aroma scent is from fragrance oil seeps up through reeds dispersing scent into the air.
A worry- and hassle-free manner, an aroma diffuser will continue to release scent for up to 2-3 weeks period (depends on the size of the room). Because there’s no flame or heat involve, an aroma diffuser is a safe alternative to candles. And it is considered safe for those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions because there’s no smoke involved.
By changing the number of reeds used, or flipping them in the bottle, you can adjust how much fragrance is released at a time and easily refresh the room with a stronger fragrance.
Flame-less fragrance enhancer to the room. Emiting your favorite scent all the time. No need to used candle.
Herb Basics Aromatic Room Diffuser is suitable for bed room, Living room, Office, rest room or everywhere that you desire! The scent will be last around 1 month. The scent will spread better near the air flow, but the liquid will be gone faster as well. You can flip the reeds in the bottle for refresh the room with a stronger fragrance.
7.5 x 7.5 x 6 cm.
Net weight:
20 ml.
Gross weight:
60 g.
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0 Thai Baht