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Shimmy Lip Gloss Natural lip products

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Shimmy Lip Gloss
With a non- sticky formula, Herb Basics lip gloss is a fun way to add shine to your lips.

Herb Basics’ Lip gloss is a thick liquid that you apply to your lips to give it a glossy, lush, and sometimes subtly colored appearance. You can use your lip gloss over lipstick or even in place of lipstick. Not only that, following current trends, lip gloss can be used as a highlighter, eye shadow, even as a brow gel.

Whether you are a teen girl, office going or a party animal, lip gloss always goes perfectly with Smokey eye look or nude look or daily makeup routines.
Naturally sparkling for healthy lips with Vitamin B & E. Lightly aromatic and sweet from natural extract. No preservatives.
Apply lip gloss onto your lips and rub your lips together.
3 x 3 x 8 cm.
Net weight:
5 ml.
Gross weight:
27 g.
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0 Thai Baht