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Fragrant Pillow to remove bad odor in your closets

Item no.:
Fragrance Potpourri
Herb Basics Fragrance Potpourri is a small scented cloth bag sachet in a tiny pillow shaped filled with dry tea inside. By dropping a few drops of fragrance oil into the billow and placing it inside small space such a closet or a drawer. It will help freshen up the smell inside the area. Dropping more fragrance when needed. And once in a while take the pillow out and let it sit in the sun to freshen the pillow up and recuse the pillow again.
good smell and refresh with Thai flower scents.
Drop 1-2 drop of fragrance oil that provided in the package onto the Fragrance Potpourri . Place the pillow in a drawer, or a closet.
7.8 x 3.9 x 9 cm.
Net weight:
50 g.
Gross weight:
70 g.