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Aroma Massage and Body Oil 60 ml size

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Aroma Massage & Body Oil Large
Massage oils is essential for a massage because it allowing our hands to slide more easily. Further, the oil also hydrates and treat the skin and help to calm body or mood ailments. Aromatic scent blended for Herb Basics Massage oil help you to relax, to release stress. So that you can feel more comfortable and pleasant.

Apart from achieving lasting and effective benefits thanks to a muscle massage with oils, these also allow us to enjoy a feeling of hydration and softness in our skin that remains for a long time. And, in addition to moisturizing it, the oil helps to eliminate skin scars, to reduce stretch marks and to cure eczema that often appears due to dermatitis or any other problem that derives from the skin.
Energertic and uplifting
Apply Massage oil onto skin. Massage gently.Or use as a body oil to nourish the skin right after bath.
4.3 x 4.3 x 11.5 cm.
Net weight:
48 ml.
Gross weight:
145 g.