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Base Oil is natural carrier oil for body massage

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Base Oil Large
Base oils are often refer to as carrier oils because they are used to dilute essential oils before topical application, as essential oils are much too potent to apply directly to the skin.
Base oils are mostly made from seeds, nuts, or kernels. Unlike essential oils. They do not quickly evaporate from the skin’s surface or have the strong, natural scent of plants, which makes them ideal for controlling essential oil concentration and reducing the strength of an essential oil’s aroma without altering its therapeutic properties.
By providing the lubrication required for a massage, the light and non-sticky base oils effectively allow the hands to glide easily over the skin while penetrating the skin and carrying the essential oils into the body. Carrier Oils can also prevent the potential irritation, sensitization, redness, or burning that can be caused by the undiluted use of Essential Oils.
As carrier oil for massage, black sesame oil is used to treat the ache around body joints, It is also used for hair to treat split ends by applying onto the hair tips and leave it on for half an hour before shampoo.
Use as a base oil for a body massage or body oil. Use alone or add 2-3 drops of essential oil for an aromatherapy treatment.
3.8 x 3.8 x 14 cm.
Net weight:
100 ml.
Gross weight:
135 g.