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Herb Basics offer a very special discount during with winter Season intil December 2020.
with selections of products you can buy 1 items and get the same items for Free!.
This promotion offer is only at our Herb Basics Shops.  Online purchase of Buy 1 Get 1 Free can be found at Products  and look into HOT PROMOTION!

Great products that we offer in the Buy 1 Get 1 promotion includes:
Body Butter : Creamy balm to nourish and soften toughness area such as elbow and heels.

Body Lotion : Composed of hydrolized protien thus help making skin tight and smooth.

Body Cream : Easily absorbed into skin with the natural vitamin E to help improving skin drying conditions.

Skin Conditioner : Rich and thick cream packed with natural emolient to keep skin moisturized while easily absorb into skin.

Body Moisturizer : An effective moisturizer containing natural carbohydrates thus continuousely keeping skin soft and moisturized in longer time.

Body Oil : Our alternative skin nourishing treatment. The oil easily penetrate to help skin moisturizing, soft and suppleness without leaving excessive oil.

Lip Balm : Sheer and color-less lip balm made with natural ingredients to moisturized chapped lips.

Products  and look into HOT PROMOTION!