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ESO Clove

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ESO Clove
ด้วยความเข้มข้นจึงเหมาะสำหรับการใช้เพียง เล็กน้อยเลงในดีฟิวเซอร์หรือเตา เผาหรือใช้ ผสมกับน้ำมันเบสออยเพื่อทำเป็นน้ำมัน บำรุงผิว
Antibacterial, antiseptic oil for skin
How to use:
You can use essential oils many ways:

1. To burn the oil for an therapy breathing

2. Use dilutedly by mixing with base oil to create your own massage & body oil

3. Use it dilutedly by mixing a few drop with your lotion cream/lotion

4. Drop a few drop into a bowl of hot water and let face covered with its aromatherapy steam.

5. Drop a few drops into your steam room /or sauna for an aromatherapy steam/sauna

6. Drop a few drops on your pillow sheets for an aroma therapy good night sleep.

7. Drop a few drops into your closet for a refreshener.

Our Precautions

Never take internally!

Never get in or near your eyes.

Always use dilutedly.

Before use on skin, Always test in a small area first.

Be cautious with essential oil when you are pregnant or breast feeding.

use in caution, when using oils that are citrus as they can irritate skins.
3x3x7 (With box)
Net weight:
5 ml.
Gross weight:
35 g.
Product price:
99 Thai Baht
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