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Winter Sale Buy 1 Get 1

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Winter Sale Buy 1 Get 1
Hello Winter Promotion ! Buy 1 get 1 FREE
Winter is coming , take care of your skin with Herb Basics moisturizing products.

There are Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Cream, Skin Conditioner, Body Moisturizer, Body Oil and Lip Balm.

Enjoy Shopping!!!
Body Butter : Creamy balm to nourish and soften toughness area such as elbow and heels.

Body Lotion : Composed of hydrolized protien thus help making skin tight and smooth.

Body Cream : Easily absorbed into skin with the natural vitamin E to help improving skin drying conditions.

Skin Conditioner : Rich and thick cream packed with natural emolient to keep skin moisturized while easily absorb into skin.

Body Moisturizer : An effective moisturizer containing natural carbohydrates thus continuousely keeping skin soft and moisturized in longer time.

Body Oil : Our alternative skin nourishing treatment. The oil easily penetrate to help skin moisturizing, soft and suppleness without leaving excessive oil.

Lip Balm : Sheer and color-less lip balm made with natural ingredients to moisturized chapped lips.
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