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Herbal Bath Tea in Thai Herb Massage & Spa Collections

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Herbal Bath Tea
Trouble sleeping? Taking a warm bath before bed can help to raise your body temperature and then allow it to cool, easing you into sleep. But if you are going for a bath, drop in a bag of Herb Basics’ Bath tea which comprises of dry herbs inside the bag for an aroma herbal Bath. Soaking in a herbal bath help increase circulation and relax your muscles, improving muscle tension and pain. Warm steam can help with congestion if you’re dealing with a cold, and can help with headaches. Baths have even been shown to lower blood pressure, which can boost your mood and reduce stress.

FYI, tea can also be absorbed in your bath. Using tea in your bath can help to infuse your bathwater with antioxidants while also reducing inflammation and helping to balance your skin. And your bathroom will smell great.
3.3x13x17 cm.
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25 g.
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60 g.
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