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Cleansing Milk : Facial Wash

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Cleansing Milk : Facial Wash
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A daily Facial cleanser to help remove dirt, oil, dead skin and make up that may accumulate on your skin, which could clog pores and result in blemishes.
Cucumber, Guava Leaf, Pandan Leaf, Tamarind
For dry skin, simply wiping away the cleansing milk with a cotton ball. For an oily skin, rinse your face and neck with cool water.
How to use:
Pour small amouth (size of a small coin) and apply to your face and neck in an upward motion. Allow the cleansing milk to set 30 seconds for moisturizers in the product to hydrate your skin.
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Cleansing Milk Gotu Kola
Cleansing Milk Guava Leaf
Cleansing Milk Pandan Leaf
Cleansing Milk Tamarind