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Incense cone

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Incense cone
Calming and relaxing smell of the burning incense with help you set up a pleasant and positive mood.
Green Tea, Honey, Jasmine, Lotus, Orchid, Rose, Sai Yud, Lavender, Sandalwood, Citronella, Vanilla
How to use:
Light the incense on a very tip. Once it catches flame, gently blow flame out. Place the cone on a ceramic incense dish. The dish should be placed on a flat surface, preferably non-flammable area.
9 x 12 x 2.5 cm. (with box)
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Incense cone Green Tea
Incense cone Honey
Incense cone Jasmine
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Incense cone Lotus
Incense cone Orchid
Incense cone Rose
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Incense cone Sai Yud
Incense cone box Lavender
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Incense cone Thai Sandalwood
Incense cone Citronella
Incense cone Vanilla