Mini Set Lavender

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Mini Set Lavender
Aromatic bath and body gift with your favorite scent for everyday pampering includes the Body Butter, Roll-on Body Scent, Mini Bath Tea and Cone-Shape Incenses.
Cone-Shape Incense : Light the incense on a very tip. Once it catches flame, gently blow flame out. Place the cone on a ceramic incense dish. The dish should be placed on a flat surface, preferably non-flammable area. Roll-on Body Scent : To relax and rejuvenate Spray onto body/cloth/etc. Mini Bath Tea : Herbal Tea Sachet with aromatic scent for a Facial Steam or a hand/foot Soak Body Butter : Moisturizing Balm to protect skin from dryness. Ideal for hands, knees, ankles, and feet. Use small amounts and apply on skin where it is dried.
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350 g
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Mini Set Lavender