Herbal Scrub

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Herbal Scrub
please order by scent in the right panel ---> Natural skins exfoliatng paste made with tropical herbs and has a unique healing properties!
Coconut,, Green Tea, Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass, Mangosteen, Peppermint, Rice, Vanilla
How to user:
Apply a spoonful of our unique paste on a damp skin. Gently rub and let the paste dry. Wash of with water and see the glow!
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Herbal Scrub Tamarind
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Herbal Scrub Coconut
Herbal Scrub Green Tea
Herbal Scrub Lemongrass
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Herbal Scrub Mangosteen
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Herbal Scrub Peppermint
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Herbal Scrub Rice
Herbal Scrub Vanilla